The Secret Language of Fear, Diagnosing and Healing Inherited Trauma

In this training, you will learn how to quickly expose the root causes behind many of the emotions, behaviors, fears and reactive patterns that block you from moving forward in life. You will learn to explore words, fears, symptoms and body language in a way which not only illuminates the core issue, but also the specific and essential skills and resources necessary for a thorough resolution.

You will learn how to identify the unconscious loyalties, unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics that contribute to patterns of illness, unhappiness and dissatisfaction, as well as learn practical and safe interventions to deepen the healing process.

Training January 30-31
Mark Wolynn

• One of North America's foremost Family Constellation Facilitators

• Creator of The Core Language Approach®

• Co-Author of "The Secret Language of Fear: Diagnosing and Healing Inherited Trauma" with Shannon Zaychuk Ph.D.

• Leader of Creating Great Relationships.

He also serves as Director of The Hellinger Institute of Northern California, Director of The Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, and Co-Director of the Hellinger Learning Center in New York City.

Mark conducts workshops and trainings in family therapy throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Latin America. Mark is a regular presenter at universities, hospitals, clinics, conferences and teaching centers (Kripalu, California Institute of Integral Studies, University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh’s Medical School, etc.).

Mark is the author, with Shannon Zaychuk Ph.D, of the forthcoming book, "The Secret Language of Fear: Diagnosing and Healing Inherited Trauma" His work has also been published in The New Yorker.

Mark Wolynn has synthesized the Core Language Approach® from the thousands of constellations he has facilitated and the hundreds of clinicians he has trained.


In this process, we uncover the dynamics in our family history that contribute to illness, depression, anxiety, failed relationships and financial failure.

Mark is especially skilled at pinpointing the source of persistent problems. Once these dynamics are brought to light, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.

Price of Training  $ 400
Learn The Core Language Approach®—a specific method of questioning and interviewing designed to quickly identify the core trauma underlying a client’s issue.

Learn how to recognize the Core Language® beneath your story .

Learn to identify the systemic dynamics that underlie a the main issue

Learn how to track a family history back to an unresolved traumatic event in the system
Learn how to work with illness and chronic medical conditions

Provide clients with a context for understanding the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms they’ve been experiencing.

Provide clients with new images for resolution
Training cost: $400
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In this training, you will:
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